Big Wall Adventure at Blouberg, Limpopo Province, South Africa

The background to the trip was along similar lines to our previous Spitzkoppe trip. FREE climbing trip!!!!!!!!!! So where were we going? This time we headed north east as far as Spitskoppe to the Limpopo Province to climb the biggest wall in those parts and in general a very big wall indeed: Blouberg. Blouberg is a […]

Spitzkoppe – Namibia

We started off at 4am on the 18th of June for the 14hour drive from Cape Town to Windhoek. Two hours short of Windhoek we ran out of petrol and had a little hitch hiking adventure in the Middle Of Nowhere, Namibia. It all went well and we decided to camp on the side of […]

A Private Universe, Slanghoekberg, Western Cape, South Africa

What happens when 3 friends decide to do a 2 day wall with no previous big wall experience between them? A BIG adventure followed by an even bigger breakfast! I was pretty sure we weren’t ready. But the timing was right and Mike and Johns’s enthusiasm won me over. All we needed to do was […]