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Hiking in South Africa

The mountains of the Western Cape are home to spectacular hikes of every size and description. Whether you are looking for a leisurely walk along the deserted beaches of the Cape Peninsular National Park, ascending the iconic Table Mountain, or a five day trek through the Cederberg Mountains; a day of swimming and sun bathing in the mountain pools of Bains Kloof or bagging another peak in Du Toits Kloof, we can design just the right hike for you.

Table Mountain Hiking

The Cederberg Wilderness Area, 3.5 hours north of Cape Town offers some of the most beautiful and scenic hikes in South Africa. And when the sun goes down the stargazing is unparalleled!

The desert worn orange and black sandstone provides spectacular and bizarre formations for both the photographer and climber to enjoy. Witness unlikely balancing boulders, wind formed arches and water sculpted gargoyles of every description.

Choose a trek to the top of Tafelberg for five star cave accommodation and magical sunsets. Continue along the ridge of Wolfberg past the famous Wolfberg Arch and down the Wolfberg Cracks for a challenging 2 day trek.

Alternatively you can choose to stay in the Sunddrift campsite/cottages for a mixture of day hikes to the Wolfberg Cracks or the Maltese Cross, swimming at Malgat, wine tasting and braaing. The Cederberg is a must for all mountain lovers.

The Cederberg

here are a dozen ways to hike to the top of Cape Town’s famous 1000m Table Mountain, and each one offers different views and a unique character. Over 1 million people take the Cable Car to the top of Table Mountain but the experience of hiking up is a worthy challenge not to be missed.

On any walk, you will get intimate with our fynbos, the most densely diverse plant kingdom in the world with over 7000 different species within the Western Cape alone.

Black eagles, kestrels, dassies and the now rare Himalayan Thar can be seen going about their daily mountain life. The paths are well made and seldom traveled.

Du Toits Kloof, Bains Kloof and The Overberg

Just an hour from Cape Town and visible on a clear day is the Overberg, a series of mountains which seperate the Mediterranean climate of the Cape wine lands from the interior semi-desert of the Karoo. Hikes in these mountains and the kloofs or valleys in between range from short walks to beautiful swimming holes to peak bagging to multi-day range trekking.

For the hiking enthusiast, the options are limitless so pack your best hiking boots and experience first hand (or rather foot) the natural beauty at the Southern tip of Africa.

Interesting facts about the Western Cape

For much of the Peninsula the upper half is mainly Sandstone of the Table Mountain Group, originally deposited by rivers up to 520 million years ago, overlying older Granite, which is 540 million years old. The oldest rocks are on Signal Hill, north of Lion’s Head, which consist of the Malmesbury Group’s marine siltstones (560 million years old). Zircon crystals were used for dating these rocks, which formed part of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana.