Please read, download and sign the Waiver and Payment Agreement below and fax it to Cape Mountain Tours @ along with a copy of the of the bank deposit.

Waiver of Liability

Waiver of Liability The following is an agreement between Cape Mountain Tours and (print Clients name) ____________________________, hereafter referred to as the Client.

The Client hereby acknowledges that the activities of walking, hiking, trekking and climbing involve inherent risks and participates willingly with that knowledge. These risks include but are not limited to sprains, fractures, muscular and tendon strains, head injuries, and exposure related illnesses. These risks can result in major injury or death. Furthermore the Client hereby certifies that they are appropriately medically fit to participate in the above mentioned activities.

Any medical conditions relevant to those activities must be listed below:

Cape Mountain Tours and its guides will endeavor to make your experience as safe and enjoyable as they are able but can accept no responsibility for any injury sustained during any of our tours. In addition, Cape Mountain Tours cannot accept responsibility for loss of or damage to any personal property.

The Client has read and understood all of the above and thereby waives any claim against Cape Mountain Tours or its employees.

Clients Signature _________________________Date ____________
(If the client is under the age of 18 this waiver must be read and signed by his or her parent or legal guardian).

Parent/Legal Guardian’s name ________________________ Parent/Legal Guardian’s signature _________________________Date ___________

Payment Agreement

A 50% deposit is required 2 weeks in advance for the purposes of permit arrangements, guide bookings and other incidentals. The balance is due on the first day of the tour. Should a client cancel the tour within 2 weeks of the first date of the tour, a minimum fee of 35% will be retained as non-refundable. Should the guide cancel the any part of the tour due to weather or other circumstances beyond his control and the client fail to reschedule the event, a minimum fee of 25% will be retained as non-refundable.

All prices are final. I, __________________ the Client understand and accept these conditions of payment. Signed ___________________________ Date _______________

Bank details

Banking information will be supplied once quotes have been accepted.